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I am writing this recommendation for Bablu Ratnaparkhi, whom I have worked with for more than 10 years in various roles utilizing Eddy Current Inspection technology for the manufacturing industry.
Bablu has several strengths I’d like to share. He has exceptional knowledge and experience in designing eddy current instruments, coils/probes, metallurgy, manufacturing and inspection methods. For example, while he was at Delphi Automotive manufacturing wheel bearings, he was able to vastly improve their production process by using Eddy Current inspections. At first to identify and sort out tiny cracks in difficult to reach locations of their spindles and then heat treatment variations due to case depth, hardness, incorrect heat treatment coil locations and improper quenching.

He also has successfully used eddy current technology to check the quality of spline, gear, thread, missing balls and other components in large bearing assemblies.


All of this was done using non-destructive Eddy Current inspections that improved the manufacturing process and reduced scrap.


I worked with him as a manufacturing supplier of Eddy Current equipment at my former company, Zetec,Inc. Our equipment was originally designed for use in the nuclear industry and Bablu worked with us to utilize our expertise in testing equipment and probes in order to create new systems with an innovative and ideal user interface for quality control needs.


His understanding of the entire process of NDT, parts manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, metrology and quality control testing is beyond any I have ever encountered in the industry.


In conclusion, if you are lucky enough to get to work with Bablu, you will be working with someone who leaves no stone unturned in the search of complete quality control solutions.

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