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I have worked in the quality arena at Tier 1 automotive suppliers for over 3 decades and have had the opportunity to work with Bablu Ratnaparkhi on numerous occasions.  During my time as a quality manager at the GM/Delphi bearing manufacturing plant in Sandusky Ohio, Bablu assisted me with the qualification and release of numerous manufacturing lines and products. He designed and implemented 100% eddy current testing equipment that verified that our wheel bearing spindles were free of cracks and properly heat treated.  His equipment guaranteed that we shipped defect-free, high-quality products during the 20 plus years that I worked at this facility.  The plant shipped millions of spindle wheel bearings during this time, which is a testament to the quality of the equipment that Bablu designed.

In addition to designing eddy current equipment for the GM/Delphi plant, Bablu helped ensure that our suppliers utilized proper eddy current inspection techniques. For example, when we identified a heat treat issue with purchased studs used in our bearings, Bablu quickly designed eddy current equipment for 100 % inspection for the condition on purchased studs, as well as the assembled product. He set up a process to inspect 100 % of our stock and then traveled to our supplier and taught them how to use the equipment to inspect their stock. Subsequently, he helped our supplier design and implement automated 100% eddy current inspection equipment on their lines. It is rare to find an individual in today’s world that not only has the theoretical background, but also the hands-on skills to quickly diagnose, get to the root cause of issues, and implement practical solutions.


I highly recommend Bablu Ratnaparkhi for any of your eddy current inspection needs.

Richard Kuharick

Quality Manager

GM/Delphi, Sandusky Ohio Plant

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